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2021/5782 High Holy Days Worship for TBS Members


We look forward to having you join us for High Holy Days. While attendance is not capped, we require registration to attend services in person. If you wish to join us virtually, please check the box for virtual attendance.
Please check the service(s) you plan on attending:

Additional Badges

Additional badges can be purchased for $50 per service or $180 per person to attend all the services.  All badges will be available at will call. Please provide the name(s) of your guest(s) and the services they are attending.
If you have guests joining you on your watching device, please list their names. We ask you to consider a donation for all guests joining you virtually. If they are attending from their own device, we ask all guests to register through our High Holy Day Guest form so that they can receive the link directly. 
Please list the names and services below
Please list the names of guests below

Prayer Books

All HHD services will have books available to borrow. 

High Holy Day Donations

$25 Minimum Donation
$25 Minimum Donation
$25 Minimum Donation
$25 Minimum Donation
Please indicate if your listing will be In Honor of or In Memory of and the name.

Memorial Book

The option to make your listings the same as last year is available as well as adding new listings.

We will be only be including listings that are submitted in this form. We must receive your Memorial Book Form for your listing to be included. 

The deadline for your listing has been extended to 5 pm on Thursday, September 2.

Greeters 2021/5782

Sat, December 4 2021 30 Kislev 5782